Blue PineApple


Anne Daviaud-Grandjean

Founder and Management Director

During her career, as the Director of Beachstays Production for a high-end tour operator Kuoni France, Anne has traveled to more than 40 countries, visited no less than 400 hotels and has developed strong negotiation skills within the hospitality field.

Many destinations no longer hold any secrets for her.

Committed to sustainable tourism, Anne is a certified auditor for the “Green Globe” label and has attended many CSR trainings.

Sophia Bicher

Sales and Marketing Manager 

Travel has always been an obvious choice for Sophia and it’s therefore quite natural that she wanted to do an MBA in Tourism Management at a Grande Ecole. Then, she specialized in the production of trips and stays on the Indian Ocean and was able to develop her skills within different tour operators  such as Kuoni France, Jet Tours and Solea. It is in Kuoni France that she met Anne.

Challenger, she wished to add a new string to her bow as a commercial in the group travel for companies and went around a big part of the roads of France. It is in 2023 that their paths joined within Bluepineapple to combine our expertise and teachings!

Our services

We are experts in tourism, very reactive and agile to enable you to successfully face the challenges ahead!

  • Strong experiences in tourism field through different experiences in tour operators and travel agencies.
  • A wide network of key decision makers including tour operators; travel agencies; airlines; media and sustainable tourism organizations
  • Unique tailor-made service
  • A constant monitoring of travel and digital trends; sustainable initiatives and best practices.

Our philosophy

  • Through our short-term actions, we are also keen to think about tomorrow’s tourism and value positive practices
  • In our services, we integrate support in sustainable development through our advices in CSR but also an awareness and communication about your initiatives
  • As part of our pledge, we offset our carbon emissions

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