Green Globe Certification

Sustainable Tourism in 2021

Blue Pineapple Tourism provides consulting & audit services for Green Globe, the internationally renowned certification for sustainable operations and management of tourism businesses.

Green Globe provides certification for sustainable operations and management of businesses, which traces its roots back to the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992.

– It is a quality management system, which benefits all aspects of a company from management to operations. Its members are widely regarded as industry leaders in their geographical regions.

The Green Globe Standard offers a framework of 44 criteria and 380 indicators to evaluate achievements in the field of sustainability based on the four pillars:

– Sustainable Management
– Social / Economic
– Cultural Heritage
– Environment

Accreditation Process
Register for Green Globe Membership
Log-in to Online Solutions & Implement the Standard
Request auditor & Perform On-site Audit
Certification is awarded
Communication on your certification